Book review Dermatologie en Venereologie in de praktijk

Dermatology and venereology in practice was discussed in the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Dermatologie en Venereologie (2013;23:110-111). The author, Kees van Ginkel (a friend of both Johan Toonstra and mine, just to make that clear right away) rated the book as follows:

With over 500 pages packed with practical information and lavishly illustrated with over 700 beautiful clinical photographs, this book provides a complete and exhaustive overview of contemporary dermatology. ………… ' 'The book was written by two, somewhat older (early sixties) dermatologists, each with extensive years of clinical experience. This background can be felt on every page' …… 'In summary, it is a traditional, complete and extremely thorough textbook in which dermatology is discussed in its full breadth'… .. 'I would like to compliment the authors on this true masterpiece, a compilation of approximately 50 years of clinical practical experience and an intellectual bequest for the next generation'.



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