Award 'Most GP-friendly specialist' 

On November 9, 1995, I was awarded the one-off award 'Most GP-friendly specialist' by the GP Associations of 's-Hertogenbosch and surrounding area. Reasons for my nomination were my good personal relationships with GPs, fast reporting after patient consultation, giving very practical advice in my letters to GPs for alternative therapeutic options in case the therapy I instituted proved to be ineffective, always answering specific questions asked by GPs in referral letters, good accessibility for urgent referrals, timely informing GPs of my holidays (always with a - much appreciated - cartoon!), never speaking ill of GPs and the fact that I always referred patients back to GPs as soon as this was medically justified. 

A report of the meeting during which I received the Award (I didn't know in advance that I had won, in fact nobody knew about the prize anyway) and about the prize itself was published in Carrousel, the staff magazine of the Carolus Hospital (December 1995, number 5, page 12).

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