Non-medical quality in the dermatology practice: articles

Below are the 2 articles I wrote on non-medical quality in dermatological practice in full. They have been published in the Dutch Journal of Dermatology and Venereology, the official journal of the Dutch Society for Dermatology and Venereology, which is read by all Dutch dermatologists. If you don't want to read them (or can't read Dutch), here's a summary, limiting myself to the relationship with the GPs (patient providers) and, of course, the patients themselves.


Just for the record: what is described in these articles and summarized below is the ideal situation. The dermatologist always remains friendly, kind, patient and tolerant towards her (nowadays most dermatologists are women) or his patients, general practitioners, staff, and others. This is how it should be, but was I indeed always like this? I'm afraid the answer is a definite no, and the only excuse I can give for it: I'm only human. I have to admit I was regularly a bit grumpy when things weren't running smoothly, for example because the assistant had forgotten to take the next patient to the examination room or because the secretary had made a mistake more than once that day . Then I sometimes would get really angry and I could not always hide the feeling.

Nor will every patient in my practice recognize in me the image of utter kindness, patience and tolerance. I was sometimes in a bad mood (especially during the extended period that an adjecent part of the hospital building was under construction and we were more or less constantly surrounded by the terrible noise of the drill) or terribly tired and then I could be a bit unfriendly, impatient or irritated with my patients. Often I noticed this myself and would apologize immediately, which was always accepted. But should you be a former patient of mine and think 'Well De Groot, you can write it all down nicely, but you certainly didn't stick to it with me', then I would like to apologize to you now, 21-43 years after the fact. Arguments with general practitioners or hospital employees I have never had.


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De Groot AC. Niet-medische kwaliteit in de dermatologische praktijk. Het geheim van de succesvolle dokter. II. De relatie met de patiënt. Ned Tijdschr Derm Venereol 2000;10:285-289

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