My first acquaintance with 'science' was in September 1975. I had not yet graduated (this took place in December 1975) and I was to start training as a dermatologist on January 1, 1976 in Groningen. Prof. Klokke from the dermatology clinic in Groningen knew Andrew Herxheimer from London, who was both a dermatologist and a pharmacologist and at that time already had a solid reputation as a scientist. Klokke arranged a 3-month internship for me with Herxheimer at the London Hospital Medical College, during which I had to learn, among other things, how to conduct scientific research and how to publish the results. I especially liked the latter, because the prospect of seeing my name above an article much appealed to me. From that moment until now (July 2023) and with a bit of luck a bit longer, I have developed various scientific activities, about which I would like to tell you some more.

Thanks to Claude Serre

A warning in advance: it could be rather disappointing, that of the 'science' that I practiced. With a few exceptions such as my PhD dissertation Adverse Reactions to Cosmetics and a number of contact allergy studies (usually in collaboration with others, as a dermatologist in private practice ik heb me beziggehoudenI had very limited possibilities) I have mainly been dealing with science 'with a small s', as I usually call it. By this I mean all the practical articles on dermatological subjects, the many review articles, the chapters in books and also most of the books themselves, which I have written over the course of 40 years. It concerns didactics rather than science or, at best, applied science. This does not alter the fact that such works can be very useful, especially for practical purposes, and that my publications are highly appreciated by colleagues! They have played a major role in acquiring the Honorary membership status of both the American Contact Dermatitis Society (2019) and the European Society of Contact Dermatitis (2022). 

In succession I would like to tell you about my PhD in 1988, show you my publications and how often they have been cited. Next I'd like to tell you about the special collaboration with Johan Toonstra and give an overview of the lectures I have given over the years. Many publications are recent, but I have not given lectures for many years. First, however, I will tell you a little more about how I got into science.

Everything is larded and spiced up with photos, anecdotes and cartoons, so it's not boring and - in my (not so) humble opinion - definitely worth reading!