Dermatology practice

From February 1, 1980 to June 1, 2002 I have worked as a dermatologist in private practice in 's-Hertogenbosch. We started in both the Carolus Hospital and the Willem-Alexander Hospital, and from 1990 I only practiced in 'het Carolus'. I would like to tell you some more about it here.


Carolus Hospital

Willem-Alexander Hospital

But first, a service announcement before you start reading (or scrolling through) this chapter. In this report of the experiences during my practicing years you will regularly find a cartoon. These have no relation to the text, but are placed there because I like them, because I'm convinced that you will like them (or at least most of them) and to prevent you from falling asleep. Sometimes I have used them as page filling in my autobiography, for example when I could no longer place an image following the text on the same page.

You can read here where these drawings come from and what their relationship is to my practice. I've seen them many times, but when I was scanning them for this website I had to chuckle again. Both the punchline and the way of drawing are fantastic. As far as I'm concerned, only Peter de Wit (Sigmund, Volkskrant, ) and Jos Collignon (Collignon, Volkskrant,  can match that.


Doctor Sigmund, I feel great thanks           Yes! I am cheerful, work with pleasure        Is this Placebo Inc.? Say, what to your antidepressants!                               and enjoy everything.                                     do you guys put in those fake          (Sigmund) Really?                                           (Sigmund) Boy!                                                 pills?




I thank Peter de Wit and Jos Collignon for permission to reproduce their work